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NUXE Super Serum universal anti-aging essence


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NUXE Super Serum universal anti-aging essence

Pack size:30mlDosage form:essence

NUXE Super Serum universal anti-aging essence

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse
Multifunctional nourishing oil with 7 precious oils

Super Serum [10] - The anti-aging essence for all skin types!
Combining the know-how of NUXE as the No. 1 anti-aging(1) and No. 1 oil(2) in French pharmacies, Super Serum [10] is based on an advanced green technology: a 100% natural microfluid encapsulation of broken down vegetable oils, completely without silicones. This innovation is the basis of its clean formulation with natural hyaluronic acid, infused with thousands of pearls of vegetable "gold". A natural super essence that offers all women and men, regardless of their age or skin type, a mix of high effectiveness and pampering care.

It stimulates the mechanisms of youthful skin and guarantees exceptional anti-aging effectiveness in just a few weeks.(3) From the first drops, the skin is transformed: smooth, plumped, radiant. Within a few weeks, a proven anti-aging effect(3) is achieved: wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, 84% of women find their skin smoother, 71% find it firmer. Pigment spots are corrected, 81% of women find their complexion more even.

Natural edelweiss cells have an activating, stimulating and anti-aging effect on the skin. Thanks to a plant-based biotechnology process of cell culture, the natural edelweiss cells are multiplied infinitely in the laboratory starting from a tiny plant fragment. Their anti-aging effect is patented. (FR) Vitamin B3 strengthens the skin's barrier function, stimulates collagen production and regulates melanin production, for an even complexion.


NUXE Super Serum universal anti-aging essence

. The anti-aging effect is complemented by an incomparable care pleasure, thanks to the perfect synergy of two gel textures and microbeads, rounded off by the sophisticated fragrance with plant notes.

The 2 phases are isolated and protected until application, guaranteeing that the power of the active ingredients remains intact, allowing them to be released more effectively in the centre of the skin where they act in a targeted manner. On contact, the microbeads melt into the skin and provide an unmistakably sensual application experience: the refreshing texture of the serum wonderfully complements the pampering sensation of the microspheres of plant oils. A jewel of effectiveness and sensuality! A texture that delights 100%(3) of users who have already had the chance to test it.

The vegan formula of the Super Serum [10] contains 95% ingredients of natural origin, which are carefully selected.

Care product formulated and manufactured in France.
(1)IQVIA – Pharmatrend/PharmaOne – Anti-aging products market in pharmacies in France – MAT July 2020 – in volume.
(2) IQVIA – PharmaOne Pharmatrend and Paratrend – Women’s body care oils market (82F1E and 82K6), in pharmacies and parapharmacies in France – MAT July 2020 – in volume and value.
(3) Application test – 31 women – % of satisfaction after 28 days of use.