Nyda Plus, nyda head lice treatment, PEDICULOSIS


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Nyda Plus liquid 100ml, nyda head lice treatment, PEDICULOSIS

  • Nyda Plus head lice treatment. PEDICULOSIS is not the end of the world! With modern active substances to get rid of lice and nits is extremely simple. Liquid Nyda Plus eliminates them after one application! Now more, as much as 100ml packaging and with a special applicator.


Composition Nyda Plus, nyda head lice treatment, PEDICULOSIS :

92% dimethicone, medium chain triglycerides, jojoba wax.


Nyda Plus, nyda head lice treatment, PEDICULOSIS Action:

Reliable way to lice and nits - Nyda Plus. Studies confirm that the liquid eliminates the parasites, while inhibiting the risk transfer them to another person, that prevents the spread of head lice. The unique intelligent formula with a two-phase dimethicone (92%) has low surface tension and a high spreading property, it is important to apply the formulation to dry hair. In the course of lice we have to deal with different forms of parasites - adult lice, their instars, as well as eggs. Fortunately Nyda Plus operates comprehensively and cope with them all. Acting on the respiratory parasites and tightly cover the nits by depriving them of oxygen results in their nuclei. Interrupt the life cycle results in their total elimination. The great advantage is that lice are not able to produce resistance to this product. The formulation is friendly to the skin, which is more enriched with substances that facilitate combing and combing enable seamless parasites. The bottle is equipped with a special comb-like applicator, which makes the distribution of the fluid is quick and easy.

Use Nyda Plus :
A medical device Nyda Plus liquid to be used in order to eradicate lice and nits. The product can be applied in children over 2 years of age.

Nyda Plus Additional information:
Contains no fragrances or neurotoxic insecticides. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

Contraindications Nyda Plus:
not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.


How to use Nyda Plus, nyda head lice treatment, PEDICULOSIS:

Using an applicator preparation spread on dry hair. Carefully rub in each band, especially at exactly the scalp and behind the ears. Leave for an hour, after this time using a special comb attached to the package, comb parasites. When you are done you should wash your hair. The product is easily washes out, so you can use an ordinary shampoo.