OBSTETRICS Mixture New vet. 400 g dog health, food

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OBSTETRICS Mixture New vet. 400 g dog health, food

Obstetrics mix dog food

feed supplement for dogs, cats and rodents.
cdVet Obstetrics Mixture is a natural food supplement, it supports and facilitates the birth process due to nutritional reasons.

Obstetrics mix dog food Composition:
Wheat germ, raspberry leaves, algae, motherwort, linseed, nettle herb, liquorice, fenugreek, lady's mantle

Obstetrics mix dog food Analytical components and contents:
20.8% crude protein, 8.9% crude fat, 12.2% crude fiber, 8.6% crude ash, 1, 11% calcium, 0.57% phosphorus

Obstetrics mix dog food Feeding recommendation:
from the last third of gestation you start adding,
rodents: a pinch;
Cats: 1/2 scoop;
Dogs: add 1/2 - 1 1/2 measuring spoons
daily over the food,
continue to

feed for 10-14 days after the birth 1 level measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 4g