OCTENILIN liquid 350ml

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  • Octenilin is a solution for cleaning and moisturizing chronic skin wounds. The preparation has high efficacy, is perfectly tolerated by the skin, wounds and mucous membranes. The agent is suitable for use in all types of wounds.

Octenidine dihydrochloride, ethylhexylglycerol, glycerol, purified water.

Octenilin contains an antimicrobial - octenidine. Quickly and effectively cleanses wounds and damage to skin of all origins. Effectively absorbs odors and is suitable for use by persons suffering from allergies. Thanks to the liquid formula, the preparation even reaches the hard to reach areas of the wound. Ingredients contained in Octenilin, moisturize the existing wounds, which serves faster healing. At the same time, thanks to the good hydration of the wound, proper moisture of the entire dressing is maintained, which in turn contributes to the painless and gentle removal of dressings that are pasted or clothed. The product is reusable and retains its effectiveness for 8 weeks after first use. It does not contain dyes and alcohol. It is colorless and sterile.

Usage and dosage:
Intensive cleansing of the wound with octenillin every time the dressing is changed (it is possible to warm the solution to body temperature before using it) You can use octenillin dressings to dissolve the fibrin coatings that cover the wound. Repeat until visible removal of fibrin coatings and necrotic tissues. After this treatment, there is no need to further rinse the wound.

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