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OCTENISEPT preparation 1000ml, octenisept spray

Schulke & Mayer

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  • OCTENISEPT spray. Octenisept is a special antiseptic with an extremely broad spectrum of activity against: bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa, viruses. An effective and safe formulation for use in the home, laboratory, hospital.
Advantages of the preparation OCTENISEPT:
- ready-to-use antiseptic
- effective alternative to the previously used active substances eg. PVP - iodine, organic mercury compounds
- well tolerated by the mucous membranes and skin, does not cause irritation wounds
- painless to use
- quick action against bacteria (including MRSA , Chlamydium, Mycoplasma), fungi, yeasts, protozoa (including zTrichomonas), viruses (Herpes simplex, inactivates HBV and HIV)
- the effect OCTENISEPT of up to 1 hour
- active substances are not absorbed
- colorless, does not leave stains