OCUTEARS Hydro + eye drops single dose pipettes 15X0.35 ml

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OCUTEARS Hydro + eye drops Single dose pipettes Eye
drops with the active principle of natural tear fluid

Significantly fewer after-drops

Direct clear vision

Improvement of the symptoms

OCUTEARS Hydro + eye drops Long adhesion to the surface of the eye
• OCUTEARS ® HYgetrop + stabilizes the natural tear film and
thus less needs to be applied to the surface of the eye
• and the health of the surface of the eye is improved. Good distribution
• A smooth blinking of the eye ensures a clear view and an optimal

OCUTEARS Hydro + eye drops perspective HYALURONIC ACID
- Active ingredient for tear replacement

To replace the missing tear fluid or to compensate for the incorrectly composed tear fluid, so that the surface of the eye is actively protected from drying out.

The moisturizer
hyaluronic acid can bind many times its weight in water compared to other substances and thus keep the eye moist. The cells in the top layer of the eye can thus be adequately supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

The stabilizer
Another special feature of hyaluronic acid is its ability to stabilize the tear film and thus additionally protect the eye.

The eye-catcher
A high-quality, elastic hyaluronic acid alternates between optimal adhesion and good distribution with every blink of the eye - for a clear view without streaks.

What does the tear film have to do with dry eyes?
In order to enable optimal visual performance, the eye must be sufficiently moistened with a tear film.

The regular blinking of your eye ensures that the tear film is always fresh and evenly distributed. Without blinking the eye, the surface of the eye becomes dry.

Only an intact tear film can prevent the surface of the eye from drying out.

The cause of dry eyes is either a lack of tear fluid or its incorrect composition.