ODABAN Antiperspirant spray 30ml

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  • ODABAN in the form of antiperspirant spray is a powerful night-long preparation that reduces sweating and allows you to stay fresh and dry for several days.

Alluminium Chloride (aluminum chloride)

Action: The
spray antiperspirant has a long-lasting effect. Its use thanks to the unique formula (aluminum chloride) allows to reduce sweating and keep the skin fresh and dry. It normalizes the process of sweating and allows the skin to breathe freely due to the fact that it only partially blocks the sweat channel. It prevents the absorption of aluminum by the body.

The product is recommended to reduce sweating and maintain freshness on the skin.

Apply to the skin after it has been cleaned and dried at a distance of 15 cm in the evening before going to bed. The next day, you can wash the body being sprayed. Apply x 1-2 / 7 days.