OEPAROL ESSENCE Extremely regenerating cream with omega and ceramides at night 50ml


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  • OEPAROL ESSENCE is a regenerative cream with omega acids and ceramides, which helps lubricate the skin of the face and soothe irritations. Eliminates roughness and regenerates. Provides skin with nutrients.

Ω Lipo - Ceramid Complex, Emolient (Crodamol ISIS), Shea Butter.

Action: The
cream belongs to a wide category of cosmetics. It contains Omega-6 (Evening Primrose Oil) and ceramides, which affect the restoration of the proper epidermal barrier and moisturize the skin. They increase the ability to retain water in the epidermis. The cream soothes the existing irritation on the skin. Thanks to its Shea Butter content it restores elasticity and smoothness.

Use cosmetics for dry and normal skin, requiring deep hydration and smoothing.

Apply externally in the evening, applying on face and neck skin after cleansing and drying.