Oeparol STIMULANCE Illuminate serum anti-wrinkle Pro-Retinol 30ml


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  • Retinol serum Oeparol STIMULANCE formulation in the form of serum anti-wrinkle, which has antioxidant properties. Reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity and stimulate cell renewal.

Complex RetiOleumTM, a unique combination of Pro-Retinol and evening primrose oil (ang. Evening primrose oil), rich in omega - 6. The complex of vitamins (vitamin E and PP). Extract of safrole.

Serum belongs to a broad group of skin care cosmetics favorably affecting the skin condition. It contains substances (Pro-Retinol and evening primrose oil) are responsible for smoothing wrinkles.Systematic use of the preparation causes them to fill out and makes skin firmer and more elastic. Extract safrole affects the rebuilding of collagen and elastin. It also contains vitamins A, E and PP, which have antioxidant properties responsible for the neutralization of free radicals.

Use for mature skin and dull.

Apply externally after previous cleaning and drying of the skin in the morning.