OHROPAX Classic earplugs


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OHROPAX Classic earplugs

Ohropax Classic noise

protector Areas of application for OHROPAX Classic

In the private sector
OHROPAX Classic is ideally suited for sleep, relaxation, well-being and meditation due to its high level of comfort. Also recommended for concentrated work, DIY and loud music.

At the workplace
- OHROPAX Classic is particularly suitable in so-called non-classic noise areas such as open-plan offices and data centers (noise level 75 dB (A)).
- Once in the ear, OHROPAX Classic is ready for immediate use. There is no need to wait for expansion times as with foam plugs.
- No sweating and no pressure on the auricle like with earmuffs.
- No problems with wearing glasses.
- Can be combined with protective helmets, protective goggles and earmuffs.
-Language and warning signals are still perceived. The sound is insulated, but not completely excluded.
- Due to the material used, OHROPAX Classic is not suitable for warm, dirty and dusty workplaces.

Because it is not possible to clean it, we recommend using OHROPAX Classic only once.

OHROPAX Classic earplugs compatibility
OHROPAX Classic is considered to be extremely well tolerated. Components with a known allergenic potential are not included. Sometimes you have to get used to hearing protection. We recommend increasing the wearing time gradually. In rare cases, your own pulse rate is initially perceived. This effect usually disappears after a short period of getting used to it.

Ingredients: Vaseline, various paraffin waxes, cotton wool
Color: Unobtrusive, skin-colored
Properties: Any form, skin-friendly wax material. Adapts to every ear without pressing.

OHROPAX Classic earplugs General safety
instructions Disposable earplugs to be molded before use in accordance with the EN 352-2: 1993 standard. Tested on November 18, 1993 by PTB, 0102, Bundesallee 100, D-38116 Braunschweig.

- Insert the earplugs carefully according to the instructions for use.

- Pay attention to a hygienic application. Ears and earplugs must be clean and dry!

- Earplugs must be worn continuously in noisy areas.

- Keep the plugs in the original packaging below 30 ° C until use.

- Because it is not possible to clean it, we recommend using OHROPAX Classic only once.

- This product can suffer from certain chemical substances. Further information can be obtained from the manufacturer.

- Sudden or rapid removal of the earplugs from the external ear canal can damage the eardrum.

Warning: Failure to observe the instructions can considerably impair the protective effect of the product.
Keep earplugs away from small children (risk of swallowing).