OHROPAX mini silicone earplugs


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OHROPAX mini silicone earplugs

Pack size: 8 pc

Small but powerful: OHROPAX Mini Silicon. The small plugs with the big impact.

The small but subtle difference to our proven silicone plugs lies in the reduced size, which is perfectly tailored to people with smaller ear canals and children. OHROPAX Mini Silicon guarantee a perfect fit in front of the ear canal and reliably seal the ear against noise and annoying noises. OHROPAX Mini Silicon are ideal for undisturbed sleep, as protection from water and wind, as companions when traveling and for children.

Try OHROPAX Mini Silicon now, the perfect alternative to conventional stopper sizes.

Material: skin-friendly silicone
Color: green
Nominal size: not applicable

Any formable silicone material. Adapts to every ear without pressing.