OHROPAX multi earplugs


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Ohropax Multi earplugs

Pack size: 2 pc

The best work colleagues your ears can find. Always reliable and there when you need them. OHROPAX Multi.

OHROPAX Multi provides effective protection against noise, e.g. when doing home improvement, at work, with loud music or during loud leisure activities.

OHROPAX Multi can also score clearly when it comes to occupational safety. The earplugs made of comfortable plastic are anatomically shaped and have soft, air-cushioned lamellas.

The plugs are connected with a ribbon. This means they can simply be hung around your neck when you are not wearing them and are always close at hand.

OHROPAX Multi can be used in many ways because it can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Please make sure that the earplug is only inserted dry.

With OHROPAX multi you have a reliable, convenient and versatile companion that your hearing just at shorter noise pollution optimally protects

product information
materials: plugs made of soft plastic Kraton handle made of EVA, band of SEBS plastic
Color: plugs and strap dark blue, stem green
nominal size: 7-11

Anatomically shaped plug. The soft plastic adapts to the ear canal with the air-cushioned lamellae. Washable.

Made of pleasantly soft plastic with air-cushioned slats.

OHROPAX Multi is the practical and versatile earplug for short periods of exposure to noise, e.g. when doing crafts, at the workplace, with loud music and during leisure time.

The anatomically shaped plug is made of pleasantly soft plastic with air-cushioned slats (see sectional illustration on the left). With the help of the handle, the plug can be easily inserted and removed again.

with a strap to hang around your neck. The plugs are always at hand.

OHROPAX Multi can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Please only use dry!