OHROPAX Silicon Aqua ear plugs


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OHROPAX Silicon Aqua ear plugs 

Pack size: 6 pc

OHROPAX Silicon Aqua, OHROPAX ear plugs 

You don't like water in your ears? We understand that only too well. That is why we have developed OHROPAX Silicon Aqua for you.

Whether in the indoor pool, bathing lake or in the sea: swimming is fun! But amateur splashers or competitive swimmers often have water in their ears after swimming.

A cracking, annoying pressure and a numb feeling are the result. It's very uncomfortable. However, water in the ear can also lead to a very annoying and painful inflammation of the external ear canal. Triggers are germs that z. B. get into the ear with the water when swimming in the sea or lake. The conditions for fungi and bacteria are very good in the warm, humid environment of the narrow ear canal. Pain and / or itching soon set in and, in the worst case, can develop into otitis media. "Swimmer's ear" or "bathing otitis" (medical: otitis externa) must be taken seriously and must then be treated by a doctor.

OHROPAX Silicon Aqua ear plugs  Safe protection

In order to keep water away from the ear canal and to be able to go swimming without worries, the use of silicone earplugs is recommended. The light blue earplugs are waterproof and very easy to shape. The skin-friendly silicone adapts to each ear and keeps them dry. The tight seal also keeps out disturbing noise and wind.

Product  OHROPAX Silicon Aqua ear plugs information
Material: skin-friendly silicone
Color: blue
Nominal size: not applicable

Any form of silicone material. Adapts to every ear without pressing.