OHROPAX silicone earplugs


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Ohropax silicone ear plugs

Pack size: 6 pc

For water and wind, the following applies in the future: Unfortunately, we have to stay outside.
Thanks to OHROPAX Silicon.

What could be nicer in summer than splashing around in the water? Preferably with the whole family. In the swimming pool, at the quarry pond or on the holiday beach. If water didn't get in your ears and the noise was bearable, then the bathing fun could be perfect. But what is OHROPAX Silicon for? The waterproof, easily malleable material can do both. It keeps sensitive children's and adults' ears dry when swimming and splashing around, and it also blocks out loud noise or excessively fresh sea breezes. If that's not a luxury?

OHROPAX Silicon consists of skin-friendly silicone. This versatile material is ideal for ear protection. It can be shaped flexibly, can be adapted to any ear size and provides an effective seal against environmental influences such as water, noise and wind. Due to its skin-friendly properties, it is comfortable and gentle to wear.

Do you feel bothered by noise? With OHROPAX Silicon you can simply block out disturbing background noises. So you can rest and sleep relaxed again or concentrate on your work.

Product information
Material: Moldable silicone
Color: Pink Nominal
size: not applicable

Any moldable silicone material. Adapts to every ear without pressing.