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OHROPAX test box 3 types of earplugs


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OHROPAX test box 3 types of earplugs

Pack size:3X2 pcs

Testing is above studying. Now test which earplug suits you best.

The demands on earplugs are as varied as the ear canals. OHROPAX is therefore available in different materials and in different application variants. To find out which plug suits you best, you can try out different materials and shapes with the OHROPAX test box.

You will find three different earplugs made of three different materials (wax, silicone and foam) in the test box with OHROPAX Classic, Silicon and Soft. Classic and Silicon belong to the IN-ear plugs, OHROPAX Soft to the IN-ear plugs.

So you can calmly test the different materials, shapes and applications and find the perfect luxury for your ears. The test box is therefore ideal for OHROPAX beginners, but also for users who want to try out a new plug.

Test box consisting of 2x Classic, Soft and Silicone.


OHROPAX test box 3 types of earplugs. Ohropax test box consisting of: 2x OHROPAX® Classic, 2x OHROPAX® Silicon and 2x OHROPAX® Soft



These little balls have been bringing calm to our hectic and noisy world for over 100 years - and get an entire company rolling. OHROPAX Classic.

OHROPAX Classic has been the tried and tested noise protection product since 1907. The unique recipe - cotton wool, soaked with a mixture of Vaseline and various paraffin waxes - was so successful from the start that it hardly had to be changed until today.

The OHROPAX success story begins at the beginning of the 20th century in the pulsating capital of Berlin. In a place that at the time was synonymous with lively activity, never-ending noise and a hectic departure into a new era. Here the resourceful pharmacist Maximilian Negwer brought his noise-insulating wax balls onto the market for everyone as the first product of this kind. Inspired by Homer's famous portrayal of the Greek hero Odysseus, who closed the ears of his ship's crew with beeswax balls to the deadly song of the sirens, Negwer literally created a classic with OHROPAX, which to this day makes the luxury of silence tangible.

OHROPAX Classic is ideally suited for undisturbed sleep due to its high level of comfort. It is also a pleasant aid for general relaxation, with meditation exercises, with concentrated reading and work, with DIY and with loud music. Thanks to the tight seal, OHROPAX also offers protection against moisture and wind.

The subtle skin-colored balls can be optimally adapted to each ear canal and significantly reduce noise pollution. The fact that the supple and skin-friendly material sticks securely in the ear and there is no feeling of pressure contributes to the high level of comfort.


OHROPAX test box 3 types of earplugs. OHROPAX silicone


In the future, the following applies to water and wind: Unfortunately, we have to stay outside. Thanks to OHROPAX Silicon.

What could be nicer in summer than splashing around in the water? Preferably with the whole family. In the swimming pool, at the quarry pond or on the holiday beach. If water didn't get in your ears and the noise was bearable, then the bathing fun could be perfect. But what is OHROPAX Silicon for? The waterproof, easily malleable material can do both. It keeps sensitive children's and adults' ears dry when swimming and splashing around, and it also blocks out loud noise or excessively fresh sea breezes. If that's not a luxury?

OHROPAX Silicon consists of skin-friendly silicone. This versatile material is ideal for ear protection. It can be shaped flexibly, can be adapted to any ear size and provides an effective seal against environmental influences such as water, noise and wind. Due to its skin-friendly properties, it is comfortable and gentle to wear.

Do you feel bothered by noise? With OHROPAX Silicon you can simply block out disturbing background noises. So you can rest and sleep relaxed again or concentrate on your work.


Experience the special feeling of well-being with OHROPAX Soft and enjoy the moment in which you can easily sink into a relaxed atmosphere.

OHROPAX Soft are soft, anatomically shaped ear plugs made from skin-friendly special foam. Due to their subtle skin color, they are hardly noticeable. They gently expand in the ear canal and unfold their noise protection effect pleasantly and reliably.

What has proven itself every day under the tough requirements of occupational health and safety at high noise levels gives you a luxurious island of silence in your private everyday life too.

OHROPAX Soft can be used in many ways: at the workplace, for concentrated reading, for DIY and with loud music. Also recommended for relaxation and an undisturbed sleep.

Since the sound insulation curve is relatively linear over the entire frequency range, there are only little changes in sound perception. An advantage especially when enjoying music.