OILLAN INTIMA Mom gynecological emulsion for intimate hygiene 200ml


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  • OILLAN INTIMA. Woman in pregnancy and lactation should especially take care of yourself. Especially for young Mamacha created Oillan Intima Mom gynecological emulsion for intimate hygiene, which eliminates discomfort and protects against infection.

Active ingredients:
Lactic acid, bisabolol, moisturizing complex, avocado oil, betaine, D-panthenol.

Intimate hygiene is a priority especially during pregnancy and after birth, so to wash these particularly sensitive zones should apply gynecological emulsion for intimate hygiene Oillan Intima Mom. Pleasant, low-foaming texture gently cleanses and cares for intimate surroundings, restoring the natural balance. Ingredients such as D-panthenol soothe and eliminate burning and itching. Lactic acid protects against the development of infections and inflammatory conditions.

Oillan Intima Mom gynecological emulsion for intimate hygiene is recommended for daily care intimate surroundings, especially prone to irritation and infection intimate. Especially recommended during pregnancy, after birth and during breast-feeding.

Additional information:
Emulsion-free soap, SLES / SLS, formaldehyde derivatives, dyes and fragrances. Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

not be used in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the emulsion.

Method of use:
A small amount of product applied to the intimate surroundings, gently wash them. Rinse thoroughly with water.