OLEJEK MANUKA 10ml, MANUKA OIL, insect bites, sunburn, arthritis pain


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  • MANUKA OIL (olejek manuka, insect bites, sunburn, arthritis pain) is a product that exhibits properties that alleviate inflammation after insect bites and sun burns. Prevents hyperhidrosis, reduces seborrhoea and relieves pain.

Composition: The
package contains 10 ml of manuka oil

The preparation is characterized by a broad spectrum of action. First and foremost, it exhibits properties responsible for relieving skin inflammation caused by insect bites or sunburns. In addition, it prevents hyperhidrosis, reduces seborrhoea (especially scalp) and alleviates pain. It reduces body heat, reduces stress and positively affects the nervous system.

Use in the case of rheumatic, arthritic and muscular pain, insect bites, sunburns, fever, hyperhidrosis, and tension in the nervous system.

Use externally. Add 10-15 drops to the bath for 3/4 of the bath. As part of the massage 3-5 drops of essential oil mix with a tablespoon of olive oil. For aromatization use 5-10 drops with 2 teaspoons of water.