OLICAPS Lecithin, Soy lecithin


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OLICAPS Lecithin, Soy lecithin, ForMeds OLICAPS Lecithin 30 capsules

OLICAPS Lecithin is a dietary supplement with a high content of lecithin - 1200 mg.
-High content of lecithin 1200 mg
-Clear composition -The product
does not contain artificial fillers, anti-caking agents and dyes, such as: magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, etc.
-Glass packaging
Lecithin supports memory and cognitive abilities.

The recommended daily dose OLICAPS Lecithin, Soy lecithin (1 capsule) contains

soy lecithin - 1200 mg.


Soy lecithin, beef gelatin, humectants: glycerol, sorbitol.

RECOMMENDED OLICAPS Lecithin, Soy lecithin USE

Take 1 capsule once a day with a meal.