OLIMP CLA with green tea extract plus L-carnitine x 60 capsules reduce body fat

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  • CLA plus L-carnitine provides the three most active substances to support the process
  • reduce body fat CLA, green tea extract appointed
  • EGCG and L-carnitine. specially night
Conjugated linoleic acid CLA, green tea extract, soy oil, L-carnitine, gelatin, glycerin, water, - coating constituents. It contains an ingredient from soybean. The active

nutritional information  2 capsules 
4 capsules 
Conjugated linoleic acid CLA 80%
in the CLA
1000 mg
800 mg
of 1600 mg
Green tea extract
in the EGCG
400 mg
132 mg
1000 mg
264 mg
L-carnitine 200 mg 400 mg

A dietary supplement providing three of the most active substancjewspomagające process of reducing body fat CLA, lift zielonejherbaty appointed EGCG, and l-carnitine. Specially selected zestawskładników activates all phases of fat burning, while preventing the loss of firmness of the body. Several weeks suplementacjazapewnia visible weight loss, reduces the risk of yo-yo effect and dajewyraźne reduce the signs of cellulite. Why combination of CLA, green tea and L-carnitine as effectively supports weight loss? Dienykwasu Linoleic abbreviated name of CLA in conjunction zespecjalnie the isolated polyphenolic compounds found in green herbatybardzo effectively complement in the modeling process sylwetki.Wyciąg green tea contains a potent substancjebioaktywne which accelerate three important processes: zapoczątkowująproces fat breakdown, supervising the efficient burning in komórkachmięśniowych and preventing fresh gromadzeniarezerw fat. In turn, the presence of acids CLA is responsible zadoszczętne destruction of fat cells so that they could not nigdyodbudować its losses. Moreover, CLA activates highly the process budowybiałek muscle in place of the lost fat, resulting in ciałowyraźnie gaining firmness. What is the impact on the operation of the supplement is to supplement l-carnitine? Why is the combination CLA & GREEN TEA plus L-carnitine is more effective than the mere combination of CLA with green tea? Dotej now appeared on the market many CLA preparations with green tea, but as it turns out, the effect in practice is not always bywaskuteczne. The limited effectiveness results partly zmniejszonejaktywności one of the metabolic reactions in which the organizmieodpowiada carnitine. Although green tea polyphenols and CLAsilnie support the process of fat loss, it does not obecnościkarnityny this effect may be limited. Carnitine determines bowiemsprawny transport fats to the "combustion chambers" and improves dostępniszczącego them oxygen Only the combination of CLA, green herbatyzawierającej EGCG and CARNITINE can guarantee such a strong efektodchudzający. In addition to a large l-carnitine addition, our preparation wodróżnieniu from similar competitive contains a special mianowanyna contents of EGCG extract Green tea, which is just in takiejpostaci together with CLA, correct and complete process spalaniatkanki fat. how does the dietary supplement prevent cellulite?  Szczególnąrolę in this respect the CLA fatty acids. this extremely cennyskładnik tract supports fat loss as well as silniechroni muscle tissue. the loss of body fat associated zewzmocnieniem muscle structure results in stronger iwzmocnienie firming of the skin, giving it a more smooth and elastic appearance. CLA also effectively prevents the accumulation sięuciążliwych lumps of fat, the formation of which are in szczególnościnarażone around the thighs and buttocks. The effectiveness of this process dodatkowowspomaga l-carnitine. Who supplement is recommended in particular? Taspecjalnie prepared preparation formula works in almost każdymprzypadku overweight. The supplement is particularly indicated both podczasstosowania slimming treatment as well as after its completion. Wtrakcie duration of treatment, the preparation not only dynamically przyspieszaproces burning fat, but also prevents loss of firmness ciała.Natomiast after the end of treatment reduces the risk of sięefektu yo-yo. The supplement has an additional, very beneficial działaniena the heart and circulatory system. It can be successfully stosowanytakże in conditions of low physical activity. How to use the Olimp CLA & Green tea plus L-carnitine? Wokresie duration of the slimming diet supplement is best taken 2razy day 2 capsules: on an empty stomach or after breakfast and approx. 30 minprzed planned effort ( or dinner). After osiągnięciuoczekiwanego weight loss, it is recommended to use suplementujeszcze for a period of minutes. 8 weeks, at 2 capsules per day, celuuniknięcia yo-yo effect. Usage: Recommended daily dose: 2 capsules 2 times a day - after breakfast and at approx. 30 min. before physical activity

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