Olimp Folic Acid 400 mcg x 30 pills women planning children and being pregnant

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  • Olimp Folic acid contributes to the normal development of the offspring. Effectively reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects in the fetus. Featured among others women planning children and being pregnant.

1 tablet contains microcrystalline cellulose - filler, potato starch, lactose; magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide - anti-caking agents, folic acid - folate - 400 mcg

Olimp Folic acid is a unique dietary supplement. It contains folic acid belongs to the group of folate, which affect the growth of maternal tissues during pregnancy (especially in the early phase). They participate in the normal course of processes of cell division, as well as in the production of blood. Contribute to maintaining proper metabolism of homocysteine. Folic acid is extremely effective protection against the occurrence of neural tube malformations in the fetus. OLIMP Folic acid is in the form of tablets intended for oral use.The product contains a carefully selected dose of folic acid, corresponds to the recommendations of the Panel of Experts of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the product

It is recommended to use the product as part of folic acid supplementation, especially in women planning to become pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding women, as well as using hormonal contraceptives.

How to use:
Apply orally. It is advisable to take the preparation at a dose of 1 tablet. / 24 after eating.