OLIMP Garlicin 0.2 x 30 capsules garlic health benefits

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  • The substances present in garlic protect our heart and circulatory system, detoxify the body and destroy bacteria, strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.
garlic extract *, microcrystalline cellulose - bulking agent, magnesium stearate - anti-caking agent, capsule (gelatin - sheath component, the color E 171).
nutritional information 1 capsule
Odorless garlic extract (2% allicin) 200 mg
Alicyna 4000 mcg
Tiosulfinaty 7000 mcg
Allina 7000 mcg
Gamma-glutamylcysteine 7600 mcg

* Imperceptible scent of garlic after eating

Why garlic is so valuable to our health?
First of all because of its specific health benefits. Listazalet beneficial effect of garlic keeps growing. Naukawciąż reveals remarkable healing properties of this plant and puts JANA one of the highest places among the natural plant products oudokumentowanych therapeutic properties. Substances contained wczosnku protect our heart and circulatory system, detoxify the body iniszczą bacteria, strengthen the immune system and poprawiajątrawienie Is it true that regular garlic consumption protects against atherosclerosis? According to the researchers, the regular use of garlic in your daily diet may delay the development of this disease even several lat.Składniki tejrośliny lower cholesterol and triglycerides, zmniejszająciśnienie blood, inhibit aggregation of blood platelets and zapobiegająniebezpiecznym oxidation reactions of fats in the bloodstream. Teszczególne for prophylactic and therapeutic effects equivalent to największymstopniu - allicin - one of the most aktywnychbiologicznie compounds present in garlic. It is a kind of defense przedzawałem heart, but also stroke, atherosclerosis and spadkiemkondycji psychophysical elderly. Why garlic is considered to be a strong antimicrobial agent? This is due to the fact that active garlic compounds are exceptionally effectively niszcządrobnoustroje in the respiratory tract, urinary tract, lungs and mouth ustneja also inhibit the growth of mold. Against this particular roślinyw they can not defend themselves pinworms and other pasożytyprzewodu pokarmowego.Za those special bakteriobójczeszczególnie corresponds to allicin, which can actively inhibit the bacteria Helicobacter nawetrozwój Pyroli. Garlic also effectively radzisobie viruses, particularly influenza, supports the work of układuodpornościowego and hinders the development of cancer cells. How does garlic improve digestion? Garlic ingredients support bile secretion, dissolve fats orazułatwiają enzymes responsible for their distribution. Jednocześniepobudzają secretion of gastric juice, increase przyswajaniapokarmów process and enhance appetite. In addition, sulfur amino acids contained wczosnku cysteine ​​and cystine - play an important role in procesachoczyszczania liver, supporting the function of this organ. Why do so many people avoid garlic? First of all because of the smell. Unfortunately, even low stężeniaczosnku are very noticeable, so many people knowingly waives zdobrodziejstw health of the plant. The resulting body zallicyny polysulphides unpleasant breath wielegodzin. Among other things, because of that company OLIMP LABORATORIES®wprowadziła market odorless garlic extract OLIMP Garlicin ® - któryzawiera all key active ingredients of the plant, at the same time without causing nuisance to the consumer discomfort.