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OLIMP Gold-Vit C 500 Plus x 30 caps.

Olimp Laboratories

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  • Gold-Vit C 500 Plus is a unique form of vitamin C, which is distinguished by a high bioavailability. It is a great way to support the natural immune system, especially in periods of increased risk of colds.

microencapsulated L-ascorbic acid [PureWay-C] (vitamin C), citrus bioflavonoids, magnesium salts of fatty acids - anti-caking agent, microcrystalline cellulose - bulking. Ingredients Capsule: gelatin - sheath component, the color E 171.

Safe for stomach supplement Gold-Vit C 500 Plus contains a high dose of vitamin C, which acts as the body's many functions. Above all, Vitamin C supports the immune system because it stimulates the production and maturation of T cells which destroy pathogenic microorganisms. This vitamin is also essential for the synthesis of collagen, thus contributing to the maintenance of normal skin elasticity and proper functioning of joints. In addition, ascorbic acid seals the blood vessels and accelerates wound healing. Vitamin C also exhibits high antioxidant properties and helps the body fight against free radicals.

Dietary supplement Gold-Vit C 500 Plus recommended during the period of increased risk for colds and in case of increased demand for vitamin C (stress, smoking, older age, high physical activity).

Additional information:
1 capsule contains: PureWay-C 556mg, including: Vitamin C 500mg (625% of the recommended daily intake), citrus bioflavonoids 100mg.

Take orally 1 capsule a day after the main meal, or as indicated by your doctor. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.