OLIMP Green Coffee Premium x 30 capsules, fast weight loss

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  • OLIMP GREEN COFFEE PREMIUIM is a product that supports the process of weight loss. It is responsible for the absorption of part of the sugars from the food and reduces appetite for sweets. Increases performance psychophysical.

OLIMP Green Coffee Premium fast weight loss Composition:
The contents of one caps .: seed extract of green coffee (50% ACG) 600 mg, guarana seed extract (50% caffeine) 30 mg, 20 mg chromium
seed extract of green coffee - Coffea (50% chlorogenic acid), and the extract guarana seed - Paullinia cupana (50% caffeine), the filler - microcrystalline cellulose, anti-caking agents - magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, chromium chloride (III); capsule (gelatin - sheath component, color: E171).

OLIMP Green Coffee Premium fast weight loss Action:
Dietary supplement is characterized by complex natural composition.It contains an extract of guarana is a source of caffeine, which contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism, which in turn supports the regulation of body weight. Moreover, together with an extract from the seeds of green coffee increases the efficiency psychophysical body and soothes the effects of fatigue. Chromium is involved in the metabolism of the required standard of macronutrients such as lipids and sugars. Furthermore plays a significant role in maintaining normal blood sugar levels.

OLIMP Green Coffee Premium fast weight loss Contraindications:
- allergic to ingredients
- pregnancy
- treatment of children
- diseases of the cardiovascular system
- hypertension

It is recommended to use the supplement to aid in weight loss, especially in people who are overweight and excessive appetite for sweets.

How to use:
Apply orally. For adults with mc. less than 70 kg applied one kaps./24h and the body. more than 70 kg - 2 kaps./24h. Take preparation before eating, drinking plenty of water.