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OLIMP TCM Mega Caps x 400 capsules

Olimp Laboratories

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  • OLIMP TCM Mega Caps is a product manufactured in pharmaceutical grade containing creatine malate, affecting the transport and retrieval of creatine by muscle cells - a process very important for the high physical performance during training.

Creatine malate (Tricreatine malate), microcrystalline cellulose - bulking agent, magnesium stearate anti-caking agent, gelatine - capsule.

nutritional information 1 capsule 4 capsules 12 capsules 16 capsules
malate 1100 mg 4400 mg 13.2 g 17.6 g

OLIMP TCM Mega Caps is a preparation for athletes, people who are very physically active, hard training wysiłkowo, which includes supplies malate, which is an improved form of creatine highly bio-available to the human body and well dissolves. The preparation Olimp TCM Mega Caps is indicated for people practicing forcefully and allows maintaining higher than normal physical performance during exercise. The product for adults, manufactured in standard pharmaceutical and zachowniem highest quality. Application: OLIMP TCM Mega Caps helps to enhance physical performance during short-term, repetitive exercises of high intensity (the effect applies to the consumption of 3 grams per day). How to use: 4 capsules 3 -4 times a day before breakfast, before and after training, and also before bedtime.