OLYNTH Ectomed nasal spray 10 ml

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Olynth ® Ectomed

Olynth Ectomed is a nasal spray that clears nasal congestion in a naturally gentle way. With its natural mechanism of action and the 100% natural ingredient ectoin, it gently decongests the nasal mucosa and forms a calming hydrofilm. It can also be used more often or for a longer period of time (up to 30 days at a time) without hesitation, because it does not lead to any habituation effect.

Sea Salt & Ectoin - OLYNTH Ectomed The Ingredients.

The new Olynth Ectomed nasal spray combines two natural ingredients.

2.1% sea salt:
OLYNTH Ectomed contains a 2.1% hypertonic sea salt solution. Thanks to the natural osmotic effect, this balances out the excess fluid in the nasal mucous membrane and allows it to swell gently.

2.0% ectoin
The natural substance ectoin has strong water-binding properties and binds water molecules to itself in a so-called hydro complex. It forms an air-permeable hydrofilm on the nasal mucous membrane, which helps to calm and moisturize it and support the body's own protective barrier.

Olynth Ectomed has a naturally gentle decongestant effect and, together with the natural substance ectoin, forms a calming hydrofilm on the nasal mucous membrane.

OLYNTH Ectomed:

  • Naturally gently frees you - without any habituation effect
  • Gentle swelling of the nose
  • Forms a calming hydro film
  • Innovative combination - with the natural substance ectoin
  • Purely natural mode of action
  • Can be used for a longer period, up to 30 days