OLYNTH salin nasal drops 10 ml

Johnson & Johnson GmbH (OTC)

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OLYNTH salin nasal drops, OLYNTH salin nasal

OLYNTH ® Salin is used for the supportive treatment of a blocked nose as well as for cleaning and moistening the nasal mucous membranes - for colds, but also for exposure to pollen or house dust. The viscous secretion is liquefied and can flow off better, making it easier to blow your nose.

You can also use OLYNTH ® Salin to moisten the mucous membranes in dry heating air or in air-conditioned rooms. This is particularly recommended for air travel. OLYNTH ® Salin can be used over a longer period of time (up to 30 days on the Stuuml; ck). It is already suitable for babies, is well tolerated and available in spray and drop format.