OMECARDIN x 50 capsules


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  • OMECARDIN is a product of natural origin, the use of which allows you to reduce the concentration of bad cholesterol in the blood and maintain a healthy heart.

fish oil standardized to the content of omega-3 ethyl DL-tocopherol (antioxidant), the shell gelatin beef, glycerol. The nutrients in the recommended daily intake: fish oil containing 67.5% - 1000,0mg, omega-3 EPA :, 38% - 380,0mg, DHA 27% - 270,0mg other omega-3 2,5 % - 25,0mg

Dietary supplement characterized by a complex composition of natural origin, the use of which reduces levels of bad cholesterol in the body and supports the function of cardiovascular system. In addition, it works on regulating blood pressure.

used to supplement levels of omega-3 and supporting cardiac function and reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

For oral use. It is recommended that 1 kaps./24h during eating.