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omega3-Loges ® cogniKids
For concentration and the ability to learn *

Pack size:60 pcs Dosage form:Chewing tablets

Vegetable omega 3 fatty acids and iron as a contribution to the healthy cognitive development of children
• Supports cognitive development, the ability to concentrate and learn *
• Directly usable omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA from plant microalgae Oil
• Delicious orange-flavored chewy candies
• Vegan, lactose-, gluten-, sugar-free and without the addition of artificial colors
• For children from 4 years of age
• Pollutant-free cultivation of microalgae protects the marine ecosystem

cogniKids For the smart explorers of tomorrow
omega3-Loges ®cogniKids is a vegan omega-3 preparation with DHA and EPA plus iron for children. According to international recommendations (EFSA), it covers the average daily requirement of the important omega-3 fatty acids and part of the requirement for iron. Thanks to the orange-tasting chewing candies, taking is child's play. The preparation can especially support children who have difficulty concentrating and who have difficulty learning. It is also very suitable for all children who are not optimally supplied with omega-3 fatty acids and who do not like fish or who suffer from an intolerance.

Children are not adequately cared for
The learning process advances in large steps in childhood and lays the foundations of life. A comprehensive supply of the essential omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) is one of the decisive factors for child development. DHA and EPA are only found directly in fish or algae. A large part of the population and therefore also our smallest ones are not adequately supplied with the valuable nutrients 1 .

The body cannot produce enough omega-3 fatty acids by itself. In order to get these essential nutrients regularly through the diet, two fish meals per week are recommended. For children who do not like or tolerate fish, it is unfortunately only possible to a limited extent to ensure the supply of DHA and EPA with linseed oil, rapeseed oil or walnuts. Because in these foods only the shorter omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) occurs, which the body can only convert in small quantities into the valuable fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Dietary supplements cogniKids are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

The recommended daily dose cogniKids should not be exceeded.
Keep out of reach of small children.
The product can have a laxative effect if consumed in excess.

omega3-Loges ® cogniKids is intended for children from 4 years of age.
Please store omega3-Loges ® cogniKids in a dry place and not above 25 ° C. Protect from direct sunlight.

Note for diabetics: 1 chewing candy omega3-Loges ® cogniKids contains 3 g of carbohydrates. The preparation is therefore not suitable for diabetics.

Food supplements cogniKids. The recommended daily intake must not be exceeded.

CogniKids Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep away from children!