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OMRON M500 Intelli IT upper arm blood pressure monitor

HERMES Arzneimittel GmbH

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OMRON M500 Intelli IT upper arm blood pressure monitor

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Smart blood pressure monitor with unique Intelli Wrap cuff, AFib detection and Bluetooth
The premium model that combines the latest blood pressure measurement technologies in one product.

The clinically validated upper arm blood pressure monitor M500 Intelli IT with unique Intelli Wrap Cuff delivers accurate measurement results in any position around the upper arm 1 . It detects possible atrial fibrillation and thus enables blood pressure monitoring at home, even for high-risk patients. It is compatible with the unique OMRON connect app, which makes it easy to track and share health data. The M500 Intelli IT is clinically validated and offers special validation for people with diabetes and pregnant women with high blood pressure - risk groups for whom measurement accuracy has been confirmed despite changing circumstances.

Intelli Wrap Cuff - the easy way to accurate measurement results
The unique Intelli Wrap Cuff from OMRON can be easily placed on the upper arm and gives accurate measurement results in any position around the upper arm. 1

Smart blood pressure monitoring with OMRON connect
The device automatically transmits the latest measurement results to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can read your blood pressure values ​​in the OMRON connect app at any time - or you can simply have Alexa read the values ​​to you without picking up your smartphone must. OMRON connect, the app for iOS/Android certified by the German Hochdruckliga eV as a “digital health assistant”.

AFib alert feature for greater safety
The OMRON M500 intelli IT alerts you to potential atrial fibrillation (AFib), a condition that often goes undetected but increases the risk of stroke and embolism.

3 consecutive measurements with averaging
In AFib mode, the device takes three measurements and gives an average to accurately display the blood pressure in the morning and evening over time.

Comparison function with previous measurements.
In the clear dual display of the M500 Intelli IT, current results can be compared with others Compare daily measurements or weekly average values.

Detection of irregular heartbeats
indicates if irregular heartbeats were detected during the measurement

Cuff fit control
• shows whether the cuff was put on correctly
• 100 memory locations for 2 users each + guest mode
• Awarded the test seal of the German High Pressure League for measurement accuracy

1 Bilo G et al. Hypertens Res 2017. 40(6): 57-580

Special validation patient groups
Clinical validation for pregnant women and pregnant women with preeclampsia
Approximately one in 10 pregnant women develops high blood pressure during their pregnancy 1 . In combination with increased protein excretion in the urine, this is called preeclampsia. If left untreated, this can lead to damage to the kidneys and brain. Non-validated blood pressure monitors usually do not detect high blood pressure during pregnancy because they underestimate the values. 2

1 Mammaro A et al. Journal of Prenatal Medicine 2009;3 (1):1-5
2 Nathan HL et al. Obstet Gynecol. 2015;17:91-8

Validation for diabetes
60% of people with diabetes are also affected by high blood pressure. 1 The risk of suffering a stroke or heart attack is therefore 2 to 4 times higher. 2 The increased blood sugar level causes the arteries to harden (arteriosclerosis), making it difficult to measure blood pressure. 3

1 Emdin CA et al. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015;66:1552-1562
2 Deshpande AD et al. Phys Ther. 2008;88:1254-1264.
3 Stehouwer CDA et al. Diabetologia.2008;51:527-539

Application instructions
Tips for measuring blood pressure
Follow the instructions to ensure accurate readings.

1. Bathing, drinking alcohol and caffeine, smoking, exercising and eating should be avoided 30 minutes before the measurement.
2. Rest for at least 5 minutes before measuring.
3. Stress increases blood pressure. Avoid taking measurements at stressful times.
4. Measurements should be taken in a quiet place.
5. Free your arm.
6. Keep records of your blood pressure and pulse readings for your doctor. A single measurement does not reflect an accurate picture of your true blood pressure. You will need to take multiple measurements over a period of time and record the readings. For consistent readings, try to measure your blood pressure at the same time every day.

OMRON blood pressure monitors
Trust in our expertise

• No. 1 recommended brand by cardiologists in Europe*
• With over 200 million devices sold, the world's No. 1 in blood pressure monitors**
• Reliable quality for over 40 years
• Seal of approval from the German High Pressure League eV
• OMRON connect app - certified as a "digital helper" by the German High Pressure League eV
• Technology leader and only provider of the patented Intelli Wrap cuff

*for blood pressure monitors for home use in Europe (EU), Kantar Health, survey among cardiologists (2019)
**Global Home Appliance Market Comprehensive Survey 2016, Fuji Keizai Co. Ltd. (data:2015)

OMRON connect
Your health data at a glance
OMRON connect is a unique smartphone app that allows you to track your health data and share measurements with other health apps or your doctor. It is compatible with all smart OMRON blood pressure monitors and can be downloaded quickly and easily.

• Get insights into your health
• Track your progress & developments
• Keep a blood pressure diary including lifestyle & medication
• Set reminders
• Transmit your data directly from your smartphone

Can be used with the OMRON blood pressure monitors EVOLV, M500 Intelli IT, M400 Intelli IT, RS7 Intelli IT as well as the smart clinical thermometer OMRON Eco Temp Intelli IT and the smart body analysis scale OMRON VIVA.

OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff
Reduce measurement errors!
With the unique OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff

Research shows that 1 in 3 people measure their blood pressure incorrectly because the cuff is applied incorrectly. 1 In contrast to conventional cuffs, the measurement zone of the OMRON Intelli Wrap Cuff surrounds the entire upper arm. This means that accurate measurement results can be achieved in any position around the upper arm. 2

1 Perleberg Research UK & IT, 2014
2 Bilo G et al. Hypertens Res 2017. 40(6): 57-580 

OMRON M500 Intelli IT upper arm blood pressure monitor