One Touch Select Plus Flex glucometer x 1 piece

Synoptis Pharma

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The OneTouch Select Plus Flex blood glucose meter uses ColourSure technology, which makes it easy to interpret measurement results. The device is easy to use, its small dimensions allow you to take it with you whenever you need to.

One Touch Select Plus Flex glucometer included:

OneTouch Select Plus Flex glucometer (with a CR2032 lithium button battery), OneTouch Delica lancing device, 10 OneTouch Delica sterile lancets, user manual, quick guide, case.

Operation of the One Touch Select Plus Flex glucometer:

The reliable OneTouch Select Plus Flex Glucometer measures your blood sugar quickly and accurately. The interpretation of the result displayed on the screen is easy to understand thanks to the ColourSure technology. There is an arrow on the display which changes color depending on the result - blue means that the sugar level is too low, green - normal, red - too high. Additionally, the device is equipped with memory (500 results). A special application is available that significantly extends the capabilities of the device (e.g. it has the option of keeping a glucose diary).

One Touch Select Plus Flex glucometer designed to monitor blood glucose levels.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

Technical data:
Determination method: glucose oxidase biosensor, automatic shutdown: 2 minutes from last operation. Power supply: 1 replaceable 3V CR2032 lithium battery. Calibration: against plasma. Data port type: micro USB. Memory: stores the last 500 results. Measurement range: 20-600mg / dl. Safe temperature range for the device: 10-44st. C. Humidity: 10% -90%. Hematocrit range: 30% -55%. Test sample: fresh blood from capillaries, sample volume: 1.0ul. Dimensions: 52mm x 86mm x 16mm. Measurement time: 5 seconds. Coding: the meter does not require coding. Weight: approx. 50 g (with battery).

How to use the One Touch Select Plus Flex Glucometer:

The meter should be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Read the instructions for use before first use.