One Touch Select Plus test strip x 50 pieces


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  • One Touch Select Plus high sensitivity test strips help you with your daily blood glucose determination with the fast-tracking system. Belts are compatible with the OneTouch Select Plus meter.

OneTouch Select Plus test strips are characterized by high marking accuracy. Belts only fit the high quality OneTouch Select Plus meter. The unique strap design makes the blood suck inward, resulting in its optimum application. With OneTouch Select Plus test strips, daily blood glucose testing is fun, easy and accurate. Determination of sugar concentration is based on chemical reaction between enzyme and D-glucose. Test strips are only suitable for single use.

OneTouch Select Plus test strips recommended as a supplement to the OneTouch Select Plus meter.

Additional Information:
Disposable product. Keep tightly closed, out of reach of children.

Use according to the instruction manual. Discarded discarded belt.


one touch select plus.