OPSITE Flexifix PU foil 10 cmx10 m non-sterile

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Opsite Flexifix PU film 10cmx10m Non-sterile

pack size:pc Dosage form:foil

OpSite Flexifix transparent film roll

OPSITE Flexifix Properties:
unique roll format

Product OPSITE Flexifix benefits:

OpSite film
The film is waterproof and represents a barrier to bacteria. Its high water vapor permeability allows the skin to breathe. The acrylic adhesive reduces the risk of skin damage during removal to a minimum, especially after prolonged wear.
Adaptable to awkward anatomical contours

OpSite Flexifix is ​​designed to allow easy application of the film to awkward anatomical contours of the body and over bandages and tubing. The film is highly conformable and stretchable to increase patient comfort.

OPSITE Flexifix Unique roll system
The unique and new roll format allows a quick and economical application of the OpSite film and enables a practical and watertight fixation of wound dressings.

Areas OPSITE Flexifix of application:
The dressing can be used:
- to fix primary wound dressings, e.g. B. Melolin* Low Adhesion Dressings or Allevyn*

Hydrocellular Polyurethane OPSITE Flexifix Wound Dressing
- fixation of tubes
- Treatment of painful peripheral neuropathy
- Skin protection under leg bags, stoma care, etc.
- Reduction of shear forces on intact skin.