Optiker DUO x 30 tablets, eye tablets


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  • Optiker DUO is a dietary supplement that supports the work of the organ of vision. A source of nutrients and contributes to the functioning of blood vessels. Exhibits antioxidant properties.

1 tablet. It contains an extract of rose flowers stulistnej 40 mg, Green Tea Extract 40 mg, Grape Seed Extract 40 mg beta-carotene 7 mg, Chlorella 20 mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 20 mg Lutein 6 mg Zinc 5 mg , 7 mg of iron, 1.2 mg Zeaxanthin.

Dietary supplement is characterized by a complex composition. It contains extract of rose flowers stulistnej which beneficially affects the operation of the eye. Green tea extract regulates blood cholesterol and antioxidant work. Grape seed extract supports the action of the capillaries, and chlorella supports the process of elimination from the body of harmful heavy metals (absorbs toxic substances). Lutein and zeaxanthin are pigments macular (lutein especially in its peripheral parts, and zeaxanthin in the center). Beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A, which is beneficial to the operation of the eye. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining normal metabolism of vitamin A. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron and antioxidant properties and is involved in the production of collagen.Iron is involved in the formation of erythrocytes and providing nutrients and oxygen to all the cells of the body.

- allergic to ingredients
- Pregnancy
- Breast-feeding

Use preparation for people who work a lot in front of the computer or watching TV, or are staying in the room too dimly lit, or too much. The product indicated in persons of advanced age.

For oral use. Adults give 1 tablet. x 1/24.