OPTREX ActiDrops Refreshing drops for tired eyes 10ml

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  • Optrex. ActiDrops Refreshing drops for tired eyes, recommended for people working in front of a computer screen, spend a lot of time behind the wheel and for all who need instant refreshment and revitalization irritated eyes.

Natural plant extracts. The product is easy on the eyes pH. Action:ActiDrops Refreshing drops for tired eyes is an option for people who suffer the negative effects of working in front of a computer monitor, for drivers, people working in air-conditioned or overheated rooms, and whose eyes irritated by external factors need to instantly refresh and revitalization. The product has the composition of natural, environmentally friendly eye and extracts the appropriate pH for the eyes, which makes the droplets ActiDrops daily formulation and safe use. Drops recommended for contact lens wearers.

ActiDrops a refreshing drops for tired, irritated eyes. Especially for people who feel uncomfortable with the: niewysypiania is driving on long journeys and working on the computer without enough breaks. Usage: If you wear contact lenses before using the drops ActiDrops remove them. Lens can not be re-established for at least 15 minutes. Tilt your head back and gently press the bottle, letting each eye 1 to 2 drops.