OPTREX ActiMist Spray 2in1 dry and irritated eyes 10ml

Reckitt Benckiser Poland SA

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  • OPTREX ActiMist Spray 2in1 eyes dry and irritated, whenever you feel discomfort, long time working in front of a computer monitor, or are in an unfavorable to maintain proper hydration sight environment: poor lighting, air conditioning.

Advantages OPTREX ActiMist: - Stabilizes natural tear film - Application on closed eyelids - protects against moisture loss - can be used on the lens - Immediate relief up to 4 hours - not smudge makeup application: OPTREX Actimist Spray 2in1 eyes dry and irritated are applied directly to the eyelids. Perfectly complemented damaged by drying the lipid layer of the eye and bring comfort and hydration eyes. How to use: Application on closed eyelids.