ORANGE OIL, purely natural, essential, Citrus sinensis

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ORANGE OIL, purely natural, essential,Citrus sinensis

Orange oil, naturally pure, essential, Citrus sinensis

pack size:10ml Dosage form:oil, essential

Citrus sinensis

Fragrance character: fruity, sweet

ORANGE OIL, purely natural, essential, Citrus sinensis:

• Mood-enhancing effect reduces stress and increases well-being
• Supports the body's defenses at the onset of infections
• Ideal for aromatherapy and for aroma diffusers
• High-quality violet glass bottle protects the valuable essential oil from UV exposure and ensures Longer stability and effectiveness of the oil
• Natural, therapeutic-grade essential oil

The warm and fruity-fresh scent of orange oil has a positive effect on body and mind. In aromatherapy, the mood-enhancing, relaxing and anti-depressive effects are highly valued. Orange oil reduces the feeling of stress, calms and can thus increase well-being.