OREGANO OIL, natural, essential, natural antibiotics

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OREGANO OIL natural, essential, natural antibiotics 

Oregano oil 100% natural, natural antibiotics

pack size:10ml Dosage form:oil, essential

oregano oil benefits:

  • Natural antibiotic. ...
  • May help lower cholesterol. ...
  • Powerful antioxidant. ...
  • Could help treat yeast infections. ...
  • May improve gut health. ...
  • May have anti-inflammatory properties. ...
  • Could help relieve pain. ...
  • May have cancer-fighting properties.

Fragrance character: spicy, tart, aromatic, camphor-like

• Antibacterial and antiviral, often referred to as a “natural antibiotic”
• Anti-inflammatory and healing-promoting
• Ideal for aromatherapy and for aroma diffusers  
• Patented violet glass bottle protects the valuable essential oil from UV rays effect and ensures longer stability and effectiveness of the oil
• 100% pure therapeutic grade essential

OREGANO OIL, natural, essential, natural antibiotics:

Oregano (Origanum vulgare), the typical spice of Mediterranean cuisine, has powerful antibiotic and antiviral effects. That is why oregano oil is known as a natural antibiotic. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes the healing of throat and throat infections and inflammation, as well as indigestion and inflammation in the gastrointestinal area. The scent of essential oregano oil calms and deepens breathing, thus promoting physical and mental relaxation and regeneration.

Cosmetics for aromatic care of the skin.