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Pack size: 250 g

Recommended daily intake:
Consume at will.

List of ingredients:
100% cocoa butter
* from controlled organic cultivation

Contents per package:
250 g organic cocoa butter

Consumption recommendation:
Our cocoa butter can be used particularly well in the raw food kitchen because it is deodorized (odors are removed from the product), it is very suitable for cooking and for sweet and creamy dishes.

Preparation recommendation:
Pure cocoa butter is suitable, among other things, for regulating the consistency of couvertures and praline fillings or as an addition to the production of cocoa mass or chocolate. The cocoa butter is high-quality cocoa press butter that is obtained from the cocoa beans by grinding and pressing. The cocoa butter is a purely plant-based product and of course vegan. It is ideal for both cooking and frying and can therefore be used in almost any recipe. Before processing, the cocoa beans are sorted, cleaned and checked for quality and gently roasted for 15 to 20 minutes at 130 ° C so that the shell detaches from the cocoa kernel, but the aroma is retained. Then the cocoa beans are crushed and ground in a crusher. During the grinding process, the mass is heated, so that the individual components mix into a homogeneous cocoa mass. This is often subjected to what is known as alkalization, in which the ground material is treated with steam and a solution of sodium and potassium carbonate and magnesium oxide. This alkaline solution is neutralized with tartaric or citric acid.

Further recommendation
Try our cocoa butter as a beauty product for supporting skin and hair care.

Allergen declaration:
Without artificial Flavorings
no preservatives
100% natural
may contain traces of allergens included (eggs, nuts)

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