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Pack size:30ml Dosage form:oil

Organic Mama Care Still Oil
- kindhealthy ®

The natural Mama Care Still Oil for pregnant and breastfeeding women provides the breast with the right care every day, stimulates blood circulation and milk production.

Discover our Mama Care Still Oil
The natural Mama Care Still Oil provides the breast with the right care during the breastfeeding phase. By gently massaging it, it can help relax the breast tissue and have a positive effect on milk production.

TCM - The power of nature in your hands
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is about restoring balance in the body.

The Mama Care Still Oil combines gentle jojoba oil with natural essential oils from the tried and tested herbs fennel and coriander. The high quality oil is designed to warm and stimulate. It harmonizes the mind (Shen) and strengthens the Qi.

Special features:
• Exclusive natural plant extracts and essential oils in organic quality
• Exclusively selected ingredients that are particularly gentle and suitable for use on sensitive children's skin
• Pleasant scent and easy to use
• Without artificial ingredients and additives - made in Austria

Massage a few drops of the care oil onto the breast twice a day. Avoid the nipples.

Suitable for whom?
Suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Honestly good
The valuable oils from fennel, coriander and the jojoba base oil are 100% natural origin.