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ORGANIC Maternity Pads 100% Organic Cotton MASMI


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ORGANIC Maternity Pads 100% Organic Cotton MASMI

Pack size:10 pcs

Organic postpartum pads - free from - 100% organic cotton - masmi

For use:

  • for the period after birth, as well as other surgical procedures
  • extremely high absorbency with particularly soft filling
  • Comfortable to wear even on hot days - breathable
  • Prevents unpleasant odors as it is free of synthetics & plastic
  • Prevents skin irritation, irritation and itching - clinically tested
  • the special surface prevents the loss of fibres during application
  • also an alternative for hypoallergenic people

Product description:

  • Hypoallergenic - clinically tested
  • 100% organic cotton - inside and outside
  • 100% free from - without compromise
  • PH-level neutral
  • Perfume-free
  • Chlorine-free
  • Dioxin-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Herbicide-free
  • Viscose-free
  • Rayon free
  • Cellulose-free
  • without plastics
  • no animal testing


  • Certified organic cotton contains no residues of pesticides and herbicides
  • Made from hypoallergenic organic cotton that helps prevent the risk of irritation, itching, allergies and infections
  • Cotton inside and out - masmi makes no compromises - 100% free from
  • Free from perfumes - 100% free from
  • Bleached without chlorine and dioxin - 100% free from
  • Many gynecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend using products made from 100% organic cotton for your intimate hygiene as it prevents skin irritation
  • Cotton is breathable and guarantees an optimal moist environment, reduces water loss and prevents the natural acid balance of the mucous membrane from being disturbed.
  • Even in hot weather, the shirt is comfortable to wear because the cotton is breathable and there is no plastic or synthetic material to cause heat build-up and thus prevent it from sticking to the skin. This also means that less sweat is produced, which leads to unpleasant odors, as is the case with polyester T-shirts compared to cotton, for example.
  • Clinically tested "no irritation"

Wearing comfort:

  • A special cotton fleece prevents fibres from sticking to the skin
  • Breathable - prevents unpleasant odors
  • Cotton is comfortable and gentle on the skin and prevents itching and irritation

Good for the environment:

  • MASMI does not use cellulose pulp obtained from the clearing of trees
  • The products are more than 95% biodegradable under optimal conditions