ORIENTANA Face Oil Rose Japanese and Saffron 55ml


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  • Saffron oil. The noblest of flowers, i.e. the rose and the noblest of spices, i.e. saffron, give everything they have the best to take care of their complexion. Does your skin look tired? This means that he needs Rose and Japanese Saffron Face Oil.

sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, wheat germ oil, rose oil, saffron extract, vitamin E.

A few drops of Orientana oil and your skin will regain a youthful glow. The traditional Ayurvedic recipe and the wonderful gifts of nature create perfection - Orientana Rose and Japonese Oil. Rejuvenates and nourishes, making the skin look rested and healthy. Rose oil moisturizes and nourishes power from the rich resources of unsaturated fatty acids, and vitamin A deeply and intensively regenerates. Saffron, in addition to many active ingredients, contains two unique ones - safranal and krocyna, and they make saffron one of the strongest antioxidants. The key to improving the appearance of tired skin is its nutrition, in the oil of Orientana there are several substances with proven nutritional effects resulting from the content of vitamins, mineral salts, fatty acids, lecithin and many other ingredients, these are - sunflower seed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil. In addition, jojoba oil softens the skin, and apricot kernel oil moisturizes and smoothes. Almond oil firms, elasticizes and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin. The addition of vitamin E helps to slow down the aging process.

Orientana Face Oil Rose Japanese and Saffron dedicated to dry and demanding skin.

Additional information:
Excellent quality natural oils free from parabens, petroleum derivatives (paraffin, mineral oil, petrolatum), silicones, PEG, artificial fragrances, irritating dyes. The product was dermatologically tested, not on animals!

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the oil.

Directions for use: The oil can be used instead of cream or before applying with cream. Just a few drops rub into the skin of the face and neck. You can also use oil for removing make-up or cleansing the skin.