OST 0.02g / 2ml x 1 pre-filled syringe


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  • OST is indicated in: pain and limited mobility of the knee and other synovial joints in the course of degenerative and post-traumatic changes.

1 ml of isotonic solution contains 10.0 mg of sodium hyaluronic acid and sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, water for injection.

Due to the content of hyaluronic acid, articular fluid has viscoelastic properties. Synovial fluid is present in all synovial joints, especially in those exposed to high loads, where it provides normal, pain-free movement according to its lubricating and cushioning properties. He is also responsible for nutrition of the joint cartilage.
In degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid deteriorate significantly; as a consequence, its lubricating and cushioning properties deteriorate. This increases the mechanical load on the joints and the destruction of the articular cartilage, which leads to pain and limited mobility of the joint. Supplementing joint fluid through intraarticular injections of highly purified hyaluronic acid improves its viscoelastic properties. This, in turn, improves its lubricating and cushioning properties and reduces the mechanical overloading of the joint. It is a rule that the action to reduce pain and improve joint mobility continues for several months after a series of 5 intra-articular injections.

Pain and limited mobility of the knee and other synovial joints in the course of degenerative and post-traumatic changes.


To date, the interaction of Ost with other solutions applied directly to the joints is unknown. The parallel use of oral analgesics or anti-inflammatories during the first days of therapy can be helpful to the patient.


3-5 injections into the joint at one week intervals. At the same time, several joints can be treated. Depending on the severity of the disease, the beneficial effect of the cycle of five intra-articular injections lasts at least 6 months. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated. In the case of exudate in the joint it is recommended to reduce it by aspiration, rest, ice pack and / or intraarticular corticosterone injection. Treatment with Ost may then be started after 2-3 days.
The contents and the external surface of the pre-filled syringe remain sterile until the sterile package remains intact. Remove the pre-filled syringe from the sterile package, unscrew the cap from the "Luer lock" cap, insert the appropriate needle (for example 19 to 21 G) and secure it by gently twisting. If present, remove the air bubbles from the syringe before injection.