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Osteoarthritis treatment OSTENIL 20 mg pre-filled syringe 1X2 ml

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Osteoarthritis treatment OSTENIL 20 mg pre-filled syringe 1X2 ml


Ostenil® - the natural and effective osteoarthritis treatment
The fact is: around 60% of Germans are affected by osteoarthritis, with the knee joint being affected the most at 61%.

Ostenil® is a natural and effective treatment method in which a solution of Ostenil® enriched with hyaluronic acid is injected into the joint capsule. With this, Ostenil® effectively eliminates osteoarthritis problems.

How does Ostenil® help with osteoarthritis?
Ostenil® is a pre-filled syringe that contains hyaluronic acid . It is injected into the joint space to improve the synovial fluid. There it supports the body in restoring the normal balance between the breakdown and regeneration of hyaluronic acid .

The synovial fluid becomes more viscous again through the injected hyaluronic acid gel and can better fulfill its lubricating and protective effect. The joint cartilage damaged by the arthroplasty is relieved by the protective hyaluronic acid layer . The cartilage wear decreases. Your joint mobility will improve and your pain will decrease.

How does the treatment with Ostenil® work?
Depending on the joint and the degree of your osteoarthritis, you will receive between three and five injections of Ostenil® hyaluronic acid pre-filled syringes . The hyaluronic acid injections are done once a week by your doctor. As a rule, your doctor will use Ostenil® pre-filled syringes to treat osteoarthritis of the large joints such as knees, hips and shoulders, while Ostenil® mini is more suitable for small joints such as finger and toe joints .

During the course of your osteoarthritis treatment , you will notice a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility. Your osteoarthritis treatment with Ostenil®can improve osteoarthritis symptoms for 6-12 months. If necessary, it can also be repeated as often as required.

Ostenil® osteoarthritis treatment works specifically where the pain arises
In the case of osteoarthritis , Ostenil® is recommended as a natural and effective treatment for osteoarthritis. With Ostenil® the course of the disease is specifically interrupted and the worst symptoms are alleviated. The Ostenil® solution with the component hyaluronic acid improves the quality of the synovial fluid.

To do this, Ostenil® is injected directly into the joint. There it supports the restoration of the balance between the reduction and regeneration of the important component hyaluronic acid. The synovial fluid becomes thicker and the joint cartilage is protected again. Relief and reduced joint wear are the positive results of the Ostenil® treatment .