OSTEOVIS CALCIUM + D3 x 60 tablets


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OSTEOVIS CALCIUM + D3 is a preparation that when used orally supplements the level of vitamin D3 and calcium in the body, strengthening the skeletal system and teeth. Prevents osteoporosis.

OSTEOVIS CALCIUM + D3 Composition:
1 tablet contains: vitamin E 2.4 mg, thiamine 0.946 mg, riboflavin 1.050, vitamin B6 0.980 mg, calcium 157.2 mg.

The preparation belongs to a wide group of complex supplements in the body, vitamin D3 and calcium levels. Thanks to this, it supports the bone mineralization and strengthens the dental tissue. Works well in preventing osteoporosis (which also helps to treat).

It is recommended to use the preparation in people with an increased demand for vitamin D3 and calcium to supplement their levels in the body. Especially recommended for people of advanced age and women in approximately menopausal period.

Take orally. Use 1 tabl./24h.