OTIRELAX ear drops for inflammation and ear pain 15ml.


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OTIRELAX ear drops for inflammation and ear pain Application:

This medicinal product is intended for the local symptomatic response of pain, especially in:

- acute non-perforated inflammation of the middle ear;

- viral inflammation of the ear in influenza;

- barotrauma (as a result of diving or traveling by plane).

OTIRELAX ear drops for inflammation and ear pain Composition:

The active substances are: phenazone 4g / 100 g and lidocaine hydrochloride 1g / 100 g ear drops, solution.

The other ingredients are: sodium thiosulphate, ethanol 96%, purified water, sodium hydroxide for pH adjustment (as 1 molar solution) and glycerol.

OTIRELAX ear drops for inflammation and ear pain Dosage:

The usual dose is 4 drops in the affected ear, 2 to 3 times a day. To avoid unpleasant contact of the cold solution with the ear, the bottle can be warmed before use by holding it between the hands for a few minutes.

The maximum duration of treatment is 10 days.

If you use OTIRELAX at the same time as other ear drops, allow an interval of 30 minutes between their application.

Wash your hands before using this medicine

Lie on one side or tilt the affected ear up. Pull the eardrum up and back in adults or down and back in children to ensure that the drops fall into the ear. Put the drops in the ear. Keep your head tilted for about 5 minutes.

Or, place a soft cotton swab soaked in the medicine in the ear for 5-10 minutes, if indicated, to prevent the medicine from leaking out of the ear.

To prevent contamination, avoid touching the ear or other surfaces with the tip of the dropper applicator.

Do not rinse the dropper applicator, but clean it with a little sterile cotton.

Close the bottle tightly after each administration of the medicine.