OTOARGENT ear drops 15ml, inner ear infection


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  • OTOARGENT formulation in the form of ear drops on the basis of silver and copper ions, which helps in the treatment of inflammatory outer portion of the ear canal caused by the presence of fungal or / and bacteria.

Purified water, glycerin, propylene glicol, nanokoloid AG, nanokoloid Cu

The product is characterized by a complex and unique composition that has a topical soothing symptoms associated with inflammation.Included in the composition of the ions of silver and copper are responsible for the operation of antifungal and antibacterial. Silver ions deactivate the enzyme used by single-celled organisms in the metabolism of oxygen. As a result, the die body and prevents the formation of resistance to silver ions. Nanokoloid copper acts oxidatively. After evaporation of water the copper deposited on the surface of the skin to produce a durable coating.

The preparation should be used alternatively in the case of inflammation of the external ear of the ear canal caused by the presence of fungi or bacteria.

- allergic to the ingredients
- the age of the patient under 12 months of age

Use aural. Dispense 5 x 3 drops / 24 of not less than 2-3 days after the resolution of inflammation.