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OTODOLOR Ear drops 7g, ear pain, ear infection treatment


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  • Ear pain, ear infection treatment. Otodolor ear drops containing lidocaine hydrochloride acting anesthetic and analgesic. The preparation indicated for use in the event of ear pain with weak and moderate intensity.

glycerol (anhydrous), lidocaine hydrochloride 0.5%.

Otodolor ear drops, the solution containing no preservatives with lidocaine hydrochloride, which exhibits an analgesic effect - a local anesthetic.

Otodolor, the preparation for administration to the external auditory meatus ear to treat earache.

For a sore ear should be administered two drops Otodolor up to three times a day. Application is best done in a lateral position (lying on the left side should be administered Otodolor right ear and vice versa). You can then aching ear plugged with cotton wool.

Otodolor can be used in infants from the age of 6 months.