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OTOSAN baby nasal spray

Functional Cosmetics Company AG

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OTOSAN baby nasal spray

Pack size:30mlDosage form:Nasal spray

Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray 30ml
Natural nasal spray, specially developed for children and toddlers, based on herbal ingredients.

Natural baby and children's nasal spray made from herbal ingredients Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray is a natural nasal spray based on organic plant ingredients with sea water from Brittany, which was specifically designed for use against nasal congestion in children and toddlers from 6 months of age. With a decongestant effect, without rebound or habituation effect. Without vasoconstricting additives. Dependence (so-called drug rhinitis) does not occur after stopping the spray. The nasal spray has been specifically tailored to children and toddlers, not only in terms of its composition, but also its applicator. Suitable for use with colds, hay fever, rhinitis or sinusitis.Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray combines the cleansing and soothing effect of the hypertonic solution (1.3%) of sea water from Brittany with the positive properties of the combination of aloe vera organic gel, essential oils Organic orange oil, copper gluconate and carboxymethyl betaglucan. The spray helps clear the nose of excess mucus and prevents nasal congestion. With its gentle formulation without vasoconstrictors, the product is particularly suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. The Otosan ® Baby nasal spray supports the treatment of colds, hay fever, rhinitis and sinusitis. The ingredients of Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray support the elimination of excess mucus and also have protective, emollient and soothing properties, which soothe the inflamed mucous membrane. At the same time, the spray hygienises the nasal cavities with its water-removing properties and at the same time helps to liquefy the mucus. The nasal spray is also recommended in the event of excessive dryness of the mucous membranes. The spray cleans the nose and sinuses and offers protection against new attackers. The absence of vasoconstricting additives and the ingredients in their special composition make Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray a very well-tolerated product. Even frequent use does not lead to any habituation or rebound effect. A so-called “medicinal rhinitis” (medicated runny nose caused by long-term use of decongestant nasal sprays) also does not occur. Otosan ®Baby nasal spray can also be used daily as needed. So that the solution can be easily distributed through the nose when sprayed, Otosan ® uses a specially developed applicator, ergonomically tailored to children and toddlers. The shortened and smaller spray head enables friction-free application and optimal moistening of the nasal cavities. Otosan ® Baby Nasal Spray is suitable for use with: Stuffy nose, colds, hay fever, rhinitis, sinusitis. The advantages at a glance: Specially tailored to children and small children Natural plant-based nasal spray Cleans the nose Decongestant effect With organic plant extracts With sea water from Brittany Without rebound & habituation effect Without vasoconstricting additives Without propellant gas, vegan. Contents: 30ml Otosan ® baby nasal spray. For application and further information, please read the package leaflet.    

The correct use of the natural baby and children's nasal spray. Blow your nose before use. Spray the solution into each nostril while holding your head vertically. After nebulization, press lightly on the nostril with the index finger to allow the solution to be distributed over the entire nasal mucosa. A slight and temporary itching after application is normal and harmless. After use, rinse the spray nozzle with lukewarm water and dry it with a tissue. Dosage: 1 spray per nostril 2 to 4 times daily, for 10-15 days. Also read our information on colds

OTOSAN baby nasal spray