OTOSAN ear pain drops, pain in ear

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OTOSAN ear pain drops, pain in ear

Pack size:10 ml Dosage form:Ear drops

Otosan ® ear drops
For the supportive treatment of ear canal or ear pain.

Natural ear drops made from plant-based ingredients Otosan ® ear drops is a purely organic natural product without dyes for the supportive treatment of ear canal and ear pain. The composition of essential oils, propolis and black currant soothes and nourishes the ear canal and also supports the cleaning of the ear canal by softening the wax and making it easier to remove. Additionally protect and strengthen Otosan ®Ear drops boost the body's defenses without letting the skin dry out. The advantages of the natural ear drops at a glance: For use with earache; soothes & cares Restores the physiological equilibrium in the ear With essential oils, propolis & black currant With organic plant extracts a pure natural product cleans gently and thoroughly Without dyes Dermatologically tested Contents: 10ml Otosan ® ear drops are a medical product . For use and further information, please read the package insert, and also read our information on colds.

OTOSAN ear pain drops, pain in ear use
Correct use of natural ear drops Tilt your head to one side, put drops in the auricle: adults 4-5 drops, children 3-4 drops. Leave it on for a few minutes, keeping your head tilted. Clean carefully. Use once a week to prevent wax buildup. In the case of excessive wax build-up, skin redness and skin irritation, use 2 to 4 times a day for 3 days. If the problem persists, please consult your doctor. »Download the instruction leaflet Another possibility to remove earwax and to clean the ears is the ear spray. Ear spray is based on an isotonic saline solution and enriched with tea tree oil, which has hygienic properties.