OTOSAN ear spray, ear wax removal

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OTOSAN ear spray, ear wax removal

Pack size:50 ml Dosage form:spray

Otosan ® ear spray
with organic plant extracts supports the removal of ear wax. For daily ear hygiene.

Natural ear spray made from plant-based ingredients for cleaning the ear canal The Otosan ® ear spray for gentle and natural ear hygiene. Otosan ®Ear spray with organic plant extracts helps remove ear wax. For use with excessive ear wax. Based on an isotonic saline solution, the ear spray was enriched with tea tree oil, which has hygienic properties. For daily, gentle ear hygiene. Ear wax has an important function. It protects the ear canal and prevents pathogens from entering. While ear wax is important, too much of it can affect hearing, cause discomfort and appear neglected. This is why the majority of the population uses cotton swabs. But these pose a risk that should not be underestimated, which can also result in injuries to the ear canal or eardrum: the ear wax is not carried out by the chopsticks, but pressed inwards. An ear plug develops. The most common complaints from this include: impaired hearing, ringing in the ears, whistling, tinnitus, pain and dizziness. 

Otosan® has developed a gentle ear spray on a natural basis. It can be used for daily ear hygiene. Otosan ® ear spray helps to prevent excessive ear wax from escaping. With regular use, it prevents its formation. Based on an isotonic saline solution, the ear spray was enriched with tea tree oil, which has hygienic properties. 

Otosan ® ear spray does not contain any dyes. Otosan ® ear spray is suitable for daily use in the case of: excessive ear wax The advantages of the natural ear spray at a glance: With organic plant extracts (Aloe, Mallow, Marigold, Chamomile, Lemon) Ecological ear spray without propellant gas Without dyes Vegan Content: 50ml Otosan ®Ear spray is a medical device. For use and further information, please read the package insert. Also read our information on colds.

OTOSAN ear spray, ear wax removal Application
The correct application of the natural ear spray

  • 1. Keep your head upright and straight, place the Otosan ® spray on your ear and make sure that the edge of the spray head is exactly on the ear canal. Hold the spray upright and spray a few times.
  • 2. Wait a few minutes for the Otosan ® spray to take effect.
    Then tilt your head to one side so that the treated ear points down and the liquid and dirt can flow out.
  • 3. Repeat the treatment on the other ear. Rinse the spray head with warm water after each use. Otosan ® Spray is not only used to remove earwax plugs, but also to prevent them and to take care of the ears. Daily use of Otosan ® Spray is recommended.